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The Lion King!

Summer A-CAMp Week 7

AGES: 4~12 years old

Week: July 20th~July 24th

PROGRAM: Virtual Summer CAMp

Tools: ZOOM Video Conferencing

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Summer A-CAMp

The Lion King

One of the most classic cartoon movie of all time! This week we will learn a lot about our mother nature and all kinds of wildlife!

Themed Activities:

Monday: DIY Lion Masks

Tuesday: Draw Your Own Pride Rock!

Wednesday: Identify That Animal Track!

Thursday: Make Your Own Simba and Nala!

In this week, you will:

  • Learn the importance of the Circle of Life and other biological cycles

  • Understand the importance of nature and wildlife in our environment today

  • Be able to use daily materials and simple tools to create art&craft projects.

  • Experiment and explore to construct new creations