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CAM Educational Services' a-CAMp is an educational summer day camp, focusing in the areas of STEM, Mandarin Chinese, English language arts, and math. Campers will explore our 10 awesome weekly themes throughout the summer as they combine work with play, including Super Mario Bros, Pixar, and Disney, among others!


With our highly experienced instructors at the head, our campers will never feel more at home, while they avoid the looming summer learning slide.

COVID Safety

We are strictly following CDC COVID Regulations to ensure the safety of every members of the CAM family

Flexible Enrollment

Flexible schedule, easy signup, both in-person and online program available to fit all needs.


Each of our 10 weekly themes features fun and engaging hands-on projects, interactive outdoor team building activities, and a great community that embraces imagination and innovation. 

Students will be divided by their age group to make sure all instruction is appropriate to their level of knowledge.

  • Super Mario Bros

    06/14 - 06/18

    Campers will voyage on a Super Mario Bros themed scavenger hunt to develop their problem solving ability

  • Exploration Adventure

    06/21 - 06/25

    Campers will develop intercultural abilities as they travel the world on the fictional “CAM Cruise Ship”!

  • Entrepreneur Junior

    06/28 - 07/02

    Campers will be developing their own business ideas and celebrate America’s entrepreneurial spirit!

  • Kung Fu Panda

    07/05 - 07/09

    Campers will dive into the basics of traditional Chinese culture and learn the history of Chinese Kung Fu!

  • Explore the Wild

    07/12 - 07/16

    Campers will be put in an immersive wild environment to learn survival skills, and history of our ancestors.

  • LEGO Adventures

    07/19 - 07/23

    Campers will learn through building LEGO to develop their problem solving and teamwork abilities

  • Pixar      Week

    07/26 - 07/30

    Campers will be incorporating different Pixar moments to learn about the meaning of friendships.

  • Interactive Among Us

    08/02 - 08/06

    Campers will be given fun problem-solving tasks to complete individually and in groups to find the "imposter"

  • Disney


    08-09 - 08/13

    Campers will work through Disney themed activities and games to develop their own animated movies

  • Pirates of the CAM-ibbean

    08/16 - 08/20

    Campers will go on an awesome plundering journey with the Pirates of the CAM-ibbean!

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Week 2

Hiller Aviation Museum

Week 3

Salesforce Tower

Week 4

San Francisco Zoo

Week 5

Lemos Farm

Week 6

Lawrence Hall

Week 7


Week 8

Laser Quest

Week 9

Disney Museum

Week 10

Crissy Field

Friday Fieldtrip Location

Note: Field trips are subject to change due to the rapidly shifting conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Daily Schedule

Join us from June to August as we explore different cultures, periods of time, and environments to make the best summer experience for all ages.

8:00 AM ~ 9:00 AM          Morning Extended Care

9:00 AM ~ 9:20 AM             Opening Huddle!

9:20 AM ~ 10:00 AM      Themed Language Arts Learning

10:00 AM ~ 10:10 AM              Snack Time

10:10 AM ~ 10:50 AM        Have Fun with STEM!

10:50 AM ~ 11:20 AM          Outdoor Playtime

11:20 AM ~ 12:00 PM             CSI Math Class

12 PM to ~12:30 PM               Lunch Break

12:30 PM ~ 1:10 PM         Mandarin Enrichment!

1:10 PM ~ 1:30 PM              Get Up & Moving!

1:30 PM ~ 2:10 PM    Creative Development - Music & Arts!

2:10 PM ~ 2:20 PM                 Snack Time

2:20 PM ~ 2:40 PM              Story of the Day

2:40 PM ~ 3:20 PM            Themed Project Fun!

3:20 PM ~ 3:40 PM.       Class Discussion & Sharing

3:40 PM ~ 4:00 PM              Closing Huddle!

4:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM        Afternoon Extended Care




Office Hours      9:00am - 6:30pm

Tutoring Hours   12:00pm - 6:00pm

Contact Info

1331 EI Camino Real, 

Millbrae, CA, 94030


Tel: 650.892.8288

Tax ID: 81-4396029

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