Kung Fu Panda

Chinese Culture Exploration

Summer A-CAMp Week 4

AGES: 4~12 years old


Week: July 6th~July 9th

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Summer A-CAMp

Kung Fu Panda

Chinese Culture Exploration

This week will allow our students to dive into the basics of traditional Chinese culture.


We will also be focusing on the Chinese language, Mandarin, the history of kung-fu, and so much more through interactive games and fun!

In this week, campers will:

  • Explore the traditional Chinese culture and the history of Chinese Kung Fu

  • Learn and practice some basic form of Chinese Kung Fu

  • Able to use daily materials and simple tools to create art&craft projects.

  • Experiment and explore to construct new creations

  • Able to incorporate math, reading, and writing to solve real-world problems. 

Kids Playing Tug of War