Entrepreneur Junior:

Succeed in Business!

Summer A-CAMp Week 3

AGES: 4~12 years old


Week: June 28th~July 2nd


Summer A-CAMp

Entrepreneur Junior:

Succeed in Business!

Ever wanted to start your own business and make some money? This week, students will be doing just that: developing their own business ideas!


We’ll have a fun business carnival where everyone can present their ideas and celebrate America’s entrepreneurial spirit!

In this week, campers will:

  • Learn about different types of business

  • Developing their management and planning ability.

  • Able to use daily materials and simple tools to create art&craft projects.

  • Able to incorporate math, reading, and writing to solve real-world problems. 

  • Experiment and explore to construct new creations

Kids Playing Tug of War