Super Mario Bros:

Learn through Gaming!

Summer A-CAMp Week 1

AGES: 4~12 years old


Week: June 14th~June 18th

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Summer A-CAMp

Super Mario Bros:

Learn through Gaming!

Here we go! The students will voyage on a Super Mario Bros themed scavenger hunt where they will solve different puzzles in order to reach the next level. The puzzles will incorporate math, writing, and reading problems while we offer them the chance to use mushrooms, coins, and power-ups for the students to assist them when having trouble.

In this week, campers will:

  • Learn about Mario's characters and the history of Super Mario Bros.

  • Practice their problem-solving skills.

  • Able to use daily materials and simple tools to create art&craft projects.

  • Experiment and explore to construct new creations

  • Able to incorporate math, reading, and writing to solve real-world problems. 

Kids Playing Tug of War