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Welcome to the award-winning CAM online preschool program. We offer the appropriate developmental curriculum that suits the early learning stages. The best e-learning methodologies of our online preschool programs are experimental and play-based. Our online preschool programs build vast skillsets in diverse areas, notably, math foundation, science, art, music, pre-reading literacy, and creative expressions.

Preschool Learning Pod

The CAM lessons offered online are engaging and interactive. We use appealing graphics, great music, and very simple verbal directions. The CAM online preschool program's scope and sequence are organized, and its themes work as the best learning tool to offer early childhood development. A child can use the CAM online preschool program at their convenience since it requires little adult supervision.

Young children don't need any previously acquired knowledge to join our online preschool program.  Infect, the curriculum is tailored for the pre-readers. The developers of CAM's activities understand the abilities of young children. However, the only thing required to use CAM online preschool program is learners' ability to understand and follow auditory instructions as he/she uses the computer.

Distance Learning



Assessments play a vital role in ensuring higher quality early childhood education programs. Our innovative technology-based items enable us to carry out performance-based checks and adaptive behaviors acquired during the learning process. CAM online screening is also a typical evaluation that enables parents to identify their kids' strengths and weaknesses.

Small Groups

The small group inspires confidence within the staff and learners. Students learn to their best when they are placed in small manageable groups. Our online preschool program is successful because we've various teams made of few members who can easily share their concerns, contact questions, and conduct fruitful discussions.

Live Classes with Brilliant Teacher

We focus on crucial early child development and give an investment return that is worth it. Your child will have to attend classes with fellow students, through video chat, led by a Growing Brilliant teacher! Teaching practices are very interactive to make online courses educational and fun.  We have an enhanced classroom experience that gives every child a chance to build their confidence.

Different Subjects

We teach different subjects on different periods and blocks during school days. The many subjects and skills are part of what preschools kids should learn. Art and craft, math activities, science, and other creative subjects lay an essential foundation for understanding the crucial topics in the coming years.  Ultimately, we add fun and love to our preschool activities to make learning exciting to the little ones.

Flexible Schedule

Our online preschool program guarantees additional flexibility compared to on-site learning. Many people love this because they can support their children even during their pivotal time. Parents are also able to determine what and how their kids will learn. Our online preschool learning format appeals to the busy families that will only keep their kids learning at their own time.

Supply Box Delivered to You

To start the CAM preschool program, you will be given a recurring curriculum box filled with supplies needed to participate in-class activities. The supplies will be replenished monthly or bimonthly, depending on the enrolled program. We've powerful resources that empower your child's mindset, build their relations, and give them a care field that they require to expand their studies.




Language Arts



S.T.E.M Activities




(Yoga & Dance)



Available Session

Online Preschool

Session 1

9:00 AM ~ 10:00 AM

Available: Monday~Friday

Age: 4~6

Online Preschool

Session 4

1:00 PM ~ 2:00 PM

Available: Monday~Friday

Age: 4~6

Online Preschool

Session 2

10:00AM ~ 11:00AM

Available: Monday~Friday

Age: 4~6

Online Preschool

Session 5

2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM

Available: Monday~Friday

Age: 4~6

Online Preschool

Session 3

12:00 PM ~ 1:00 PM

Available: Monday~Friday

Age: 4~6

Online Preschool

Session 6

3:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM

Available: Monday~Friday

Age: 4~6



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