A program that is more customized to every student's different needs. Flexible Schedule, Available to everyone, and specialized curriculums. A time-proven way to succeed in life!


Adapting to the changing circumstances and new technological age, CAM has now developed numerous enjoyable, educational programs for children, which they can. partake from the comforts and safety of they own home. We developed 3 specific programs, Virtual Summer Camp, 1-on-1 tutoring, and Online Mandarin, with the intentions of helping our students get ahead in their education and succeed in life while still stimulating their excitement. And as education as our top priority, we have tailored our programs to best promote student advancement with educated instructors, high interaction, and quality materials.

Through our highly educated instructors your children will receive curriculum that is tailored to their needs. Their progress each week will be rewarded with a CAM Mystery Box!

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Virtual Camp

Promotes productivity and creativity from anywhere!


Best accommodates to every students' needs to encourage academic growth!


The most commonly spoken native language in the world!


Interactive Teaching

Exploring & Discovery Approach

Help students acquire a foreign language in natural and age-appropriate ways

Total Physical Response Storytelling

Integrates gestures and creative embellishment of stories to engage students

Multiple Intelligences

Expose students to content in diverse ways to suit individual learning styles

Diverse Activities


Arts & Crafts


Drama Play

Reading & Review


Music & Dance

Field Trips

Enriching Elements

Movement-Based Activities

Team-Based Missions

Impromptu Role-Play

Large-Scale Project

Culturally-Rich Celebrations

Culinary Events

Real-Scenario Practice 

Community Service


Our Brand New Materials & Rewarding System:

To provide a better online learning experience for our students, we will be preparing a supply box for our students and ship it to your doorstep every week. The supply box will be included with weekly academic packets, activity materials, snack supplies, and a rewarding price.

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We are using the common core system in our academic enhancement materials. Subjects will include language arts, mathematics, and Mandarin Chinese


We have prepared weekly activities for our students including S.T.E.M, Arts&Crafts, and cooking. All materials will be available for you in the mystery box.


As one of the rewarding system, we will be preparing daily snacks for all our students. All snacks will be packed in a daily-small package.


For all students who are able to follow tasks and complete their works, we will be preparing a weekly price for them. students will only be able to access it at the end of the week.