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About Leadership Program

Help your child grow as a leader this summer!

This will be a perfect fit if your teen is looking to begin the leadership process and eventually become a volunteer, staff, or just learning to work with children. Benefit not only better manners and behavior, but also personal morale, appearance, and confidence.

Leadership programs and summer camps for teens allow kids a chance to step out of their everyday routines and learn through experience. This will ultimately help your kids in recognizing their own strengths while being role models to others. By the end of the week session, your teens will have a brand new sense of confidence and will get a new understanding of what responsibility means to them. The Cam leadership program will allow your teens to have fun while learning many valuable lessons and life skills for their future.

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  • Learning how to be a mediator

  • Increased productivity

  • Articulating information, goals, and tasks

  • Inspiring teamwork and cooperation among those they lead

  • Learning how to communicate efficiently and effectively

  • Managing others in emergency situations

  • Job skills - interviewing, job application

  • Basic administrative training for future careers

  • Weekly meetings with experienced staff

  • Resume revisions/ college applications