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Teaching philosophy:

We believe that everyone is an artist, in one form or another. As adults, we often forget what it’s like to be a child with a careless mind, a time when creative freedom begins to blossom!  Our goal is to not only teach your child observational and technical skills in fine art, but also provide a comfortable environment for their imagination to grow, and more importantly, at the same time, to have fun!!




Lesson 1

  • Facial gesture: eye, nose, mouth, ears in various angles           

  • Start from line work

  • Complete with shading


Lesson 2

  • Review on human portions

  • Various ways to sketch the human form


Lesson 3

  • Color wheel

  • Color mixing

  • Warm

Lesson 4

  • Basic landscape painting using color mixing techniques

       learned in previous lesson.

  • Explore application techniques via brushes, palette knife,

       and bare hands.


Lesson 5

  • Further exploration of acrylic painting

  • Select subject matter based on personal interest.


  • understand the construction of the human face by drawing each feature

  • review on line and shading skill from previous classes

  • Able to render the human body to be technically correct

  • Understand human portion in different gestures

  • Understand color theory

  • ble to mix color secondary colors

  • Learn to reference to color wheel for future reference

  • Able to depict a natural scene with color paint

  • Familiar with the application of paint

  • Fun!

  • Experience and explore paint as a medium

  • Concept development



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Tutoring Hours   12:00pm- 6:00pm

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